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Here’s a glimpse into a really fun transformation of my office. ¬†I included the “before” photo here for anyone who’s currently feeling buried under a home project

that feels overwhelming ūüôā …just keep telling yourself “one little step at a time”


Here is the result, my “after” photos- a year after I started working toward this dream office:



I finally found some inspiration here AnD TiMe (with my “baby” starting kindergarten) to transform¬†my studio into a place I could work, be creative, feel inspired.

I feel like I accomplished that mission.  I can edit photos, watch classes online, sit/read in my happy place, all with minimal distractions.



My office started out as a dark, cluttered mess of everything. ¬†We moved into this ¬†home a few years ago, and my office was the “catch all” for everyone’s junk treasures.


I decided I needed a fresh slate and it was time to take control of this room. ¬†My daughters worked beside me in purging and organizing and cleaning and selling the old…

We ripped out the trampled dark carpet, and layered the dark walls with

gallon after gallon of clean bright WhItE paint + subtle pops of seafoam mint.  I feel like the result was exactly

what I envisioned in the beginning.  Inside the center insert of the cabinet, is a beautiful full-size mattress from Brooklyn Bedding (only the best bedding company in America!)

The wall inside the murphy bed is painted mint with random,¬†gold foil polkas –



Meet Miss Lily, the photographer’s assistant. ¬†We brought this little gem home after discovering her at the maricopa county pound four years ago.


Lily never leaves my side so it wouldn’t be an accurate “office reveal” without her cute face pictured.



I’ve been a productive organizer this summer, getting my digital files and sessions into a collaboration that won’t make my brain melt into a puddle.

Big thanks to Design Aglow for having a product line that caters to photographers perfectly.

As a mom of four active & curious kids, if there’s a way to make life smoother, I am all in. ¬†This is my jam.


One entire cabinet consists of printed textbooks from classes I’ve taken as well as manuals and inspirational magazines.

A few of my faves: clickinmoms, momazine, lemonade & lensesBellaGrace magazine


The bottom shelf is conveniently stocked with extra batteries, equipment, odds & ends that used to always get shuffled/lost at random!


I installed a “smart tv” into this room and it’s perfect for In Person Sales (IPS) or even having slideshows of sessions going. ¬†I can stream music, teachings,

and mirror everything from my Mac.  It was a wise investment, for sure.


My “gallery wall” is still a bit incomplete. ¬†I liked the clean bordered print for a modern feel in my office.


A simple gold clip and clear acrylic thumbtack, and I was set.


When I had the wall unit built, I asked for a slide-out drawer large enough to house my PRO-Canon printer.  I still need to paint the inside of it,

but it serves it’s purpose well and makes oversized printing so much more convenient.

img_7101In another cabinet, I have what is basically everything I need to educate within each session and present potential clients with a cohesive brand.

All studio samples- from accordian books, paper swatches, frame colors, ect are in one accessible place.



When a print order arrives from my lab, I can open this cabinet, package it up beautifully- and get it back out the door in a convenient and quick fashion.




This Life Coach certification was a new challenge in 2016.  In January the opportunity was presented to me, and I dove in head-first.  I LoVe it!

I completed/tested and was certified in May, just in time for summer break with my kids. ¬†I’m so excited to introduce how I’m incorporating it into my photography.

Here’s a HiNt: it’s “magical” in the best way possible- I couldn’t love the purpose and vision of it more.



Lastly, I happened to have a recent print order going out and shot¬†a quick perspective of what a client receives, before it’s packaged up pretty.

Beautiful prints and memories this family can share and smile about for years to come.


I hope you enjoyed the small glimpse into my little world.  Thanks for stopping by!





As summer break ends and our kids return to¬†school, I’m diving back into photo sessions and enrolling into fall photog education for myself.

But first, you’ll find some fun summer sessionsmerwin boy cousins runthat I am happy to finally post.

This one is especially fun because it’s my family.

My husband’s twin sister, brother, parents, and all of US that make up a big loud party of crazy!

We took the opportunity at a family wedding to quickly grab some photos of siblings, parents, cousins –

Everyone was a great sport. ¬†Despite our combined 11 children who’d flown/drove, slept in hotels, and were dragged waaay off schedules,

I think they were champs.

Happy 48th Wedding Anniversary to the wonderful couple that made many of these¬†awesome¬†people¬†possible ūüôā

We love you!



Happy Birthday to this beautiful client who is also a wonderful mother, sister, daughter, photographer, health coach, and friend.
She is writing a new story for herself, I couldn’t be more proud of her and all that she’s overcoming.


Yes it’s been weeks of trying to get into this new website. And while I won’t lie and say that I was working relentlessly (until this evening, that is) I have been trying to update and plug in client galleries and sessions with no luck. until tonight after a call with customer service.
-when you’ve exhausted all tries, ask for help– kind of thing-

The past few weeks have been a blur of graduations, recitals and performances.

web urban balloons classmates all 2016 1

Now it’s summer and time to party-

web brooklyn katelyn wedding road mermwin 2016


Back in business with galleries coming soon.
Lots to update and catch up to speed.