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As summer break ends and our kids return to school, I’m diving back into photo sessions and enrolling into fall photog education for myself.

But first, you’ll find some fun summer sessionsmerwin boy cousins runthat I am happy to finally post.

This one is especially fun because it’s my family.

My husband’s twin sister, brother, parents, and all of US that make up a big loud party of crazy!

We took the opportunity at a family wedding to quickly grab some photos of siblings, parents, cousins –

Everyone was a great sport.  Despite our combined 11 children who’d flown/drove, slept in hotels, and were dragged waaay off schedules,

I think they were champs.

Happy 48th Wedding Anniversary to the wonderful couple that made many of these awesome people possible 🙂

We love you!



Happy Birthday to this beautiful client who is also a wonderful mother, sister, daughter, photographer, health coach, and friend.
She is writing a new story for herself, I couldn’t be more proud of her and all that she’s overcoming.


Yes it’s been weeks of trying to get into this new website. And while I won’t lie and say that I was working relentlessly (until this evening, that is) I have been trying to update and plug in client galleries and sessions with no luck. until tonight after a call with customer service.
-when you’ve exhausted all tries, ask for help– kind of thing-

The past few weeks have been a blur of graduations, recitals and performances.

web urban balloons classmates all 2016 1

Now it’s summer and time to party-

web brooklyn katelyn wedding road mermwin 2016


Back in business with galleries coming soon.
Lots to update and catch up to speed.



Celebrating ONE

and a smile that will melt your heart.

Happy Birthday, Mr. C.


Do you have it?  It’s upbeat music, colors & smiles will brighten any day.

It’s where you’ll find session favorites,

PROMO CODES and even MuSiC !


Yep it’s the place to be for updates and more.

Hassle free instructions to add the APP :

The first time you open, it will go faster if connected to WiFi. Once fully downloaded you will be able to open anywhere even while offline.

Your app will work on all Apple devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod) and the latest Androids.

Tap the photo or THIS LINK:

Click on the Share icon (box with the arrow coming up out of it at the bottom of the screen).
Click on “Add to Home Screen”


Copy the url for your album and paste into the Chrome browser
Click on the browser’s built in menu (usually three lines in the upper right) OR the phone’s built in menu option (Samsung phones) which is usually three lines on the device to the left of the home button.
Select “Add to Home Screen”


How easy is that?

And did you know that custom APPS are available to

Kristin Merwin Photography clients?

Insert Happy Dance!